Monday, January 20, 2014

What "BED-REST" Really Means

What's going on?
34+ weeks pregnant, I've been on quote bed rest for the last month.

What got me here?
Constant preterm contractions, from early on, but intensifying throughout this third trimester. Made ridiculously worse by any attempts to go to the store, or anywhere that involves walking, ha! There were a couple of times I seriously thought I was going to drop a baby in the aisles of SAMs club or Walmart, and I literally couldn't walk around the store, having to cut right down the middle and get through the checkout pronto.

What I fear?
My last baby was born 4+ weeks early because I went into early labor, but this time the contractions have come even earlier.  My baby had to be transferred hospitals to be in a NICU where he could get surfactant. So I sat in one hospital recovering from a c-section while he laid in another hospital on all sorts of basic life support, and it was agonizing for me to be totally separated from my newborn. Having to obtain a couple hours of hospital leave to go see him because I was still a patient on my own is totally insane. Having to pump and try to get my milk supply in, and transfer every little drop I got to his hospital, near impossible.

What's the goal?
37 weeks.

What I do?
Sit or lie down as much as possible all day and night, while taking care of 4 kids and a household. Hahaha!  It's a very frustrating game of doing as little as possible while wanting so much to be back to normal and able to do it all, yet having to let everything slide off my plate and even watching others take on some responsibilities. I am soooo ready for this to be over. It's a mental battle of just wanting this baby out now, but knowing that she is much better off staying in for at least a few more weeks...

What I am grateful for?
Simply AMAZING family and friends and neighborhood, who have done more than I could ever ask for and have humbled and inspired me. From doing my grocery shopping to bringing over meals, from hosting my sister's baby shower for me to taking one of my eager kids to church with them, from picking up the school carpool to sending a bag of boredom busters for my kids to stay entertained, from making curtains and a blanket for the baby's room to folding all our laundry, and all the countless offers to do so much more for me... I am soooooo deeply grateful and moved by the love and generosity extended to me and my family lately.  You people are simply incredible! It is so humbling to be in the recipient's shoes, and it brings me to tears to think of how much service has been offered to my little family to help me out. Thank you, I LOVE you!

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