Friday, December 20, 2013

The Santa Clause

I love the movie The Santa Clause, and this year I find myself identifying with Tim Allen's character:

"Does this look like a little weight to you? I've gained 45 pounds in a week! What's happening to me?"

"Bee sting. Evidently I'm allergic."

"There was a chemical fire at the dry cleaners and all my clothes went up in smoke, so I don't have anything that fits."

"I'll have a Caesar. No dressing. And one of those homemade cookies, the warm chocolate chip. No nuts. And a little slice of cheesecake. Uh, crème brulee, and, um, hot fudge sundae, extra hot fudge... On the side."

Hilarious movie, makes me feel right at home! Apparently I'm just morphing into Santa Claus. Makes sense now!

1 comment:

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