Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Little Rays of Sunshine in the Thunderstorm

I have been searching for the little rays of sunshine in the thunderstorm of pregnancy.

I realize that I focus a lot on all the hard things about being pregnant, making fun of them to make myself laugh. So today, I am listing the positives of pregnancy, my little bits of happiness and joy that help me cope with all the rest.

Ten Rays of Sunshine:

1) Feeling the baby move. Nothing on earth is as amazing as that. Nothing. I wish I could feel it from day one, every tiny little squiggle and flip and flop and hiccup and kick and wave and roll...  oooooh, I can't wait to feel this baby, just another week or two...

2) Finding out what the baby is, boy or girl. This makes the baby become a real person with an identity, in my opinion. And makes it FUN to plan! I still want to blog about this, so I'm holding off announcing it.

3) Shopping for baby stuff, yes I get thrills from shopping! Absolutely! Most fun ever!

4) Decorating the nursery, much like shopping, it is way too much fun.

5) Ultrasounds. Nothing beats seeing the baby, the reason for all the hard stuff. So intensely personal, utterly amazing, and very relieving to see a healthy little person in there.

6) Taking a looooong break from so called dieting. What can I say, I really love those Kneaders cinnamon rolls and French toast. Don't like so much what they do to my body, but they certainly satisfy my pregnant tummy!

7) Hearing the heartbeat, never gets old. I nearly feel like crying every time.

8) Excitement and anticipation is in the air. My kids are sooooo excited about having a new baby!  It really creates a lot of fun in our home.

9) Pregnancy is a miracle. Every second of every day, a new life is forming. Absolutely incredible. I have never felt so close to God as when I am pregnant. It is an intensely spiritual experience.

10) Having the baby. Of course, the reason for it all.

Now I shall have to read this list of ten rays of sunshine every day to get me through the next five months!


connie stauffer said...

Profoundly beautiful! Beautifully profound!!! You do a nice job.

Andrea said...

Thank you Connie!!