Tuesday, September 3, 2013


How is it that I can't stand the SMELL of freshly cleaned laundry?!?! 

I used to LOVE and relish the scent of clean laundry, like I literally would bury my nose inside the clean clothes coming out of the dryer and inhale deeply, smiling with satisfaction.  I seriously could've been a Tide laundry detergent model and gotten paid to do commercials. It was one of my favorite scents.

Not anymore.  Even the laundry turns my stomach the wrong way.  I cant walk past or into the laundry room without grimacing, and its not from the dirty clothes, its from the detergent!  

As if dirty clothes and stinky socks and wet old towels would smell any better if I decided to just never wash them??
No, no they wouldn't.... But I seriously had to think about that before I answered.  

Goodbye downy unstoppables, liquid tide detergent, and dryer fresheners! Hello bland scent-less, yet clean, laundry.

Laundry has always been the bain of my existence as a mother at home.  Piling high, never ending baskets upon baskets of dirty and clean (I do somehow manage to separate the dirty piles from the clean piles though, you just have to pick the right pile.). But now its gone to a whole new level of disarray and contempt.

And the laundry is about to increase...

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