Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Diary of a Whimpy Preggie-Mama"

Well here I sit, pregnant for the fifth time, staring down the same old issues as with previous pregnancies.  I thought experience and age made you smarter and better equipped to handle similar circumstance, but I am proven wrong.  All it does in this case is prove to me that pregnancy is a totally strange phenomenon during which women have virtually no control over their bodies.  Period. 

Nope, experience doesn't matter in this field.  Almost immediately after seeing that little plus sign in the bathroom, it smacks you like a freight train overnight when you feel that first twinge of YUCK in your stomach, and no matter what you do or eat, that YUCK never really goes away.  Then you become the freight train, and no matter what you do or eat, you pack on the pounds like a bear going into hibernation.

I sit here, sick and tired, fat and frumpy, and sick and tired of being fat and frumpy.  And I'm only one-third of the way into this!

So I decide that I will return to my blog to vent.

There are so many things I ruminate about daily, a plethora of topics eager to make their way out and give my mind and body a break from the toils of pregnancy.  I plan to take it one day at a time, one topic at a time, and dish out all the thoughts my experience can muster, with the hopes that it'll save my sanity and give me some entertainment, maybe to laugh at myself and my predicament instead of cry and bury my head under my pillow for nine months.  I mean, I got myself into this situation for crying out loud!  And I wanted it, too.  You better believe it, yup, I actually wanted to be pregnant again... No wait, I didn't really want to be pregnant again, I wanted the baby that comes at the end!  But alas, we mothers are so eagerly willing to sacrifice ourselves for nine months in order to get to that beautiful ending. And nothing - NOTHING - will get in the way of me holding that beautiful baby in my arms...

Nothing, except for maybe.......
(to be continued another day)

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