Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Color of Summer

It seems in summer I can't pick a favorite color.  Is it light blue, like the sky and my baby's eyes?  Or is it yellow like lillies and the sun?  Or pink like petunias and my other favorite flowers, or because it's my daughters' favorite color?  Or maybe it's red for America and watermelon and berries?  Or orange because it's a happy bright color?  Or lime green like limeade?  I don't know...  But I do know this, I love summer, and I love flowers, and I love color, and I love my kids and my hubby.  It's times like these that I find myself saying, "Does it get any better than this??


Joni said...

Darling pictures, your kids are growing so fast!

Krista said...

Cutest. Family. Ever!