Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I HATE spiders.  These terrifying creatures are seriously taking over our house!  This big wolfy was found in our garage this morning by my carpool crew as we were getting into the car to take the kids to school.  Ask my kids or the Romrell kids, they'll tell you I was shrieking and jumping and behaving like a madwoman as I chased it and smashed it with nothing but a paper towel.  They sat in the car laughing and thinking what an awesome entertaining spectacle they got front row seats for!  It was seriously like two inches big.  It may even have been two feet, for all I cared.   The thing was going to eat my children!

The next one was on a leaf in our garden, that I spotted while watering plants on Saturday. It too was at least an inch big, and quite freaky looking. It had these big green jaws, spooky 4 eyes on top of its head, was furry, with wierd white spots on its back. I could've sworn it was going to shoot its venom at me, then web me in and eat me. We caught it in a jar and I spent an hour online looking it up. It is a "daring jumping spider." Yeah, whatever - it's freaky is what it is! 

And of course we have trillions of smaller spiders all over our yard, even some in the house. I got our perimeter sprayed on friday, but I'm thinking we may need John Goodman from Arachnophobia to come in and hose down the house now. I'm too afraid to look in the basement.

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