Thursday, June 9, 2011

The graduate who ran

Aidan's preschool graduation turned into quite the comic event, when he began crying the moment we entered the door of the fancy reception center where it was held, and didn't stop...

When the 40 or so preschool graduates began their performance, he could be seen sobbing hysterically, which caused his very emotional post-partum mommy to cry as well.

When he caught a glimpse of his daddy, he bolted right out of the little singing show, off-stage, and attached himself to dad's legs!

So, in order to get him to "walk," daddy became his special guest escort, holding his hand and leading him in the precession! (Dad was the lone adult male preschool graduate.) Hey, at least Aidan walked!

Aidan decided when he grows up he wants to be a daddy with a truck. (He absolutely idolizes his daddy!)

Congrads Aidan!

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Joni said...

Aw how funny and how cute he loves his dad so much. Have fun in Kindergarten dude.