Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swamp People's Live Crawfish Boil!

To surprise my Dad for his 70th Birthday Party, we flew in live fresh crawfish straight from Louisiana (his hometown) and had a cajun crawfish boil right at our home in Utah!

Fearless Dad was a natural with the critters, tossing them around, picking them up, playing with them like a real swamp-man!

My sister Candace, my Dad, and Erik (who did a fab job with the boiler in our garage!)

This is what a cooler of live crawfish looks like - careful, don't get too close, they PINCH!

And this is what they look like after they've been to the boiler. Behold the spread on our dining table - too bad the weather was so cold (it snowed that morning) because this is better suited for an outdoor party, a little messy!

Can't wait to dig in!

If you've never experienced it, here's dad's tip for properly eating a piping hot spicy boiled crawfish: Twist, suck the head, pinch the tail and eat.

Candace & Dan loving every bite! (This was Dan's first crawfish boil, and he was a little intimidated! Never fear, Candace will show you how it's done!)

When the crawfish arrived FedEx Saturday morning, Erik was so excited he dumped them all into our kitchen sink, much to the kids' and my horror.

Actually, Bella was fascinated by them and stood right next to him by the sink as he washed them one by one.

He sufferred a few "war wounds" here and there. Jordan ran around shouting, "Mean, bad pinchies!" And Aidan kept a watchful distance. It was hilarious!

We had a teriffic and very memorable party.

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

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