Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mardi Gras

I grew up going to parades galore, grooving to the spirited bands booming drums and trumpets down the streets, standing high above the crowd on a ladder so I would have an advantage at catching stuff, coming home with armfulls of pretty necklaces, decorative cups, little toys, and whatever else the masqueraders would throw off of ornate floats. Mardi Gras is party time in Louisiana, with parades, music, king cake, masks, and lots and lots of beads & trinkets! (No risque behavior involved, that's for the sicko's!)

We haven't been for years now (since the year 2000, I think) but thanks to my mom & dad, my kids get to experience the fun when their G-Ma or Pepere comes back with bags of beads and trinkets for them. They have a ball of their own! (Not to mention the delicious King Cake they bring back - yum yum!)

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