Friday, January 14, 2011

Tangled at 7

Happy 7th Birthday to my Lil' Sweetheart Jordan!!

We took a crew of 10 kids to see Disney's Tangled - it was a blast! I snuck in bags of treats for each child and little bottles of Sprite (much to Erik's embarassment - he was paranoid about getting caught sneaking stuff in. Seriously, who doesn't bring in their own candy?) Besides I bought a drink and popcorn and movie tickets for everyone... isn't $100 enough to spend at the movies?! The theatre should've provided us movie treats for free, aren't we like guests of honor here!

Jordan also got her ears pierced, and said it felt like someone "stapled my ears!"

She LOVES her friends!

She special-ordered a "horse cake" for her birthday.
Check out the horse statue that my dad (her Pepere) painted for her! Aw dad, you're gonna make me melt! That's so perfect and sweet and thoughtful!


Krista said...

Happy Happy Birthday Jordan!!!!

Joni said...

What a fun party, wasn't that movie so cute? Jordan looks just like you! Happy Birthday Jordan!

Katie said...

So cute! Holly loved the party and has been asking me to take her back to see Tangled again ever since. Thanks for having her!