Friday, December 17, 2010

Bright Paper Packages

These are a few of my favorite things about Christmas...

Hot Cocoa

Cozy fireplace

Making a Gingerbread house (or train, this year) with the kids, eating candy drops as we go

Christmas Lights on houses

Christmas Trees, all lit up

Children giggling

Jingling Bells

Making candy

Dark Chocolate

Peppermint kisses by sticky little faces

Fancy ribbon and pretty paper

Watching Christmas Vacation (and The Polar Express , Elf, The Christmas Story, and laughing at how similar they seem to our own Holiday life!)

Reading the story of Jesus' birth, over and over again, hoping the kids will get it

Giving gifts to friends and family, being somebody's
Sub-for-Santa, and praying for my children to understand the true Spirit of Christmas

That irresistible smile on your child's face when she gets a new toy that is so completely her (Or him)

Relishing the joy of Christmas with my little family

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Krista said...

Funny, most of those are my favorite things too. Happy Holidays!