Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I truly do live the life of my dreams

As I reflect on my life and all I have, I am brought to tears by an abundance of blessings.
Here are a few, which deeply touch my heart:

My healthy, vibrant, beautiful children, who I cannot imagine life without. They are my world, my heart, my everything.

My incredible, spiritual, respectable, caring husband, who amazes me as he works tirelessly for our family and for all the people he knows and loves in our neighborhood. I am awed by him and his amazing diligence and capacity to serve. It has been a year since he was placed in our church's local bishopric, and the spirit that resides in our house is unmistakable and immeasurable. It's a tough schedule, balancing church, work, and family, not to mention that elusive R&R, which quite frankly he never gets. He is my example and inspiration. Our children (not to mention myself) are smitten with him, and he is the best father a child could ever have. I am so blessed by him. So Blessed.

My awesome family - My sister is building a house in my neighborhood, and I can't wait to share life with her down the street. My parents, who are the nicest and most genuine folks you could meet. My grandparents and the legacy of blessings, love, and culture they left me.

My incredible neighbors and friends, who are a realization of the blessings of following our promptings to live where we do.

I truly do live the life of my dreams, with the family of my dreams, which makes the home of my dreams.

(My favorite winter songs are playing in the Castle Tunes - check 'em out for a little cozy inspiration.)

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Jane said...

I am SO jealous your sister is moving down the street. I would give anything to have my sisters live close to me. Lucky!!