Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Shakes, Sand, Swim, Surf & Sunshine

We had a FABULOUS vacation at beautiful sunny Bear Lake, and I must say, there's nothing quite like
Bear Lake in July...

Jordan LOVED swimming.
She's the queen of the waves!

Aidan loved throwing sand EVERYWHERE, at everyone.

Bella decided to feed all our Cheetos to the seagulls.
Made them happy, made her (and baby) happy.

The WAVE RUNNER stole the show.

The kids absolutely LOVED "driving" it.
(Not to mention Erik had the time of HIS life!)

Bella hated the water,
but loved burying her toys in the sand.

We built the BIGGEST sand castle for
Polly (Pocket, that is) and Batman.

And dug trenches till we reached water,
to make our own lakes.

Seriously so cute!

My dad & sister surprised us by
coming up for a day - how sweet!

Me & my sis Candace went for a spin.
Great fun!

Go Dad Go!
He really had A GOOD TIME!


Alison said...

This looks like so much fun. My sister just mentioned that we should do our next family vacation there. Where did you stay?

Andrea said...

Ideal Beach Resort - they have tons of condos to rent out, lots of amenities, and you can just walk out to the beach! Only problem, the condo units are WAY OUTDATED and OLD. Get past that, and it's perfect!

Joni said...

Wow, your kids are so stinkin cute, they are having a ton of fun. Can't believe how big Bella is, she is darling.