Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Introspections of a gimpy girl

As another year leaves its mark on my body & soul, I am left wishing for more...

More of so many things that make life simply good, like sharing a dripping chocolate ice cream cone with my kids, or blowing bubbles on their belly-buttons. Like nestling my nose in my daughter's hair as she sits on my lap, just to smell the sweetness of fresh-cleaned hair on her warm head, as I butterfly-kiss the back of her neck.

More moments spent gazing into those handsome blue eyes of my sweetheart, that sparkle when lit up by a smile, sweetly holding hands, and sharing this amazing journey together.

More time that my kids stay little and innocent, sheltered and protected from a terrible curse called selfishness, where vanity and money reign, and competition and criticism are its effects.

More adorable baby talk by my two-year-old, that is so simple yet so joyful.

More time with my aging parents, who every day remind me that what's important in life is the people you love.

More time with young limbs that don't break down. I may never be able to just RUN again - that strenuous blissful feeling of running, taken for granted while I was able, forsaken by the knee that frustrates the hell out of me by not getting better. I am not invicible. But I accept the body God gave me, with all its faults & imperfections, for it really isn't about the physical. I get it now, REALLY get it. It really is about what's inside, and how we treat each other. The outside simply houses the heart & soul, and therein lie the keys to the things we ought really to cherish... family and our precious spirits, wrapped into one tremendous gift called LIFE.

More good music, which I am convinced can truly affect your mood, lifting you to clouds you never could have reached without it - there's nothing like awesome music to make you feel SO good. I don't mean soft soothing music, more the kind that makes me groove, smile, and sing & dance in front of my giggling kids. The kind of music that makes me want to run, want to do dishes, want to live, laugh, & love life!

More minutes spent just sitting on green grass in the sun, with the breeze brushing the hair on my arms and loose strands on my forehead, in quiet appreciation for God's goodness to me, and the miraculous creation of life itself.

More family time just being with my husband & kids, with no stress, no time-crunch, nothing to do but play and tickle and laugh and sip soda and eat treats...

Ahhhh, I am SO BLESSED.


Anonymous said...

I love this. I feel like I can completely relate. Completely. How did your Dr. appt go?

Kristi said...

That was beautiful, Andrea! You have an amazing life, family, etc.! You are also a wonderful person and friend!