Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dragon Phenom

What the...?!
Now that's scary.

What is going ON in my backyard?!

The neighborhood has been taken over by... DRAGONS.

It's a full-scale dragon PHENOMENON.

It started out with the movie, How to Train Your Dragon.

Then one little girl and one little boy across the street got DRAGON TOWELS.

Then McD's had DRAGON TOYS. Picture me going up to the drive-thru window and asking to see all their dragon toys so we could select the ones we hadn't collected yet. And then buying ONLY dragon toys - yeah, did you know you can buy the toys WITHOUT the happy meal?!)

Then Aidan got DRAGON PAJAMAS with a cape.

Then the kids in the neighborhood started having DRAGON PARTIES and making colored construction paper dragons, playing with their dragon toys, and yes, flying around like dragons with whatever hooded items they could find (Jordan was a hooded monkey for awhile.)

Then, the kids next door ordered those infamous DRAGON TOWELS online.
And so my children wouldn't be dragonless, I purchased TOOTHLESS DRAGON TOWELS on ebay to transform them instantly into Night Furies.

And now, day after day, the neighborhood becomes a DRAGON SANCTUARY, where dragons are free to roam.


Katie said...

I love the pictures! What cute little dragons!

Anonymous said...
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