Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The rest of the story...

of the marathon training run from hell...

It began on a beautiful sunny morning. I was pumped up, with the IPOD ready to blast, my camelpak filled with ice cold water, cell phone stuffed in a pocket (on Erik's suggestion/inspiration), muscles ready to fire.

I set off, mood positive, feelin' the sunshine!

About 4 miles in, things abruptly turned against me, as I tripped on a sidewalk crack and flew through the air, arms flailing, to the ground - HARD. Stunned, I turned over and sat up, examining myself for injuries. Found my knee completely scuffed up and bleeding, and my hands mildly scraped. Sat there for a minute, wondering what to do, fervently hoping NOBODY HAD SEEN THAT. Then I busted up laughing! Figured I might as well go on.

1 mile later, I paused to wipe up the bloody mess on my leg with some mittens I'd started out with. Ew...I hope nobody passing me sees this.

1 mile later, my IT-Band on the "uninjured" leg really started fussing. I figured now may be a good time to take some Ibu...popped 4 and kept going.

1 mile later, I stopped into a gas station to cleanse my wound - ow - and fill up on water. Set off feeling rejuvenated and ready for some more sunshine.

1 mile later, that darn IT-Band let me know it wasn't happy. Of course, I kept pushing on, harboring hope that IT would decide to fix itself already and leave me alone.

1 mile later, IT took over.
Sat down to stretch & eat a bar. Got up to walk, and OHMYGOSH! it hurt to even put my foot down. CRAPOLA! Tried to hobble along a little ways as it sunk in that I'd pushed it to the limit. Figured going on would do more damage, since I was only half way done , and gee but IT HURT!

Gave up, sat down sobbing, pulled out that cell phone and called my dad to come get me.

Got home, limping around, and realized I had a shin-splint in my OTHER leg (the one with the gash, which I had bandaged now). Then somehow, somewhere in the mix of things, hobbling around, falling down, running with a camelpak, and trying to find a comfortable sleeping position around my aching legs, I woke up with a totally tweaked upper back cramp.

So 1 day later, I cannot move my head or bend my neck, my back is literally killing me I think, one knee has a large bandage, the other a brace with ice, and both legs hurt up and down, and neither ibuprofen or a muscle relaxant are helping much. THE END.


Burts said...

So sorry Andrea, I hope you feel better soon. I am convinced few things in life are as bad as back pain. Take care :(

Anonymous said...

Chiropractor......i go to a good one in Draper.
Massage.......i hear Mother's Day is coming up..... :)
Physical Therapy.....I hear you are already set up with that.
I am so sorry about what happened! Let me know if you want to send your kids over here while you recover.
Thanks for reminding me why I don't run. :)
You are wonderful!!!!!

Krista said...

Call me!

Natalie said...

I'm sorry! I have toyed with the idea of becoming a serious runner. But seriously, I think I just remembered why walking is my preferred exercise every morning! I hope you get relief SOON!

Alisa said...

Oh, I almost cried for you. So sorry! I have a friend that just ran the Boston Marathon and got injured.

I think it is great that you have done what you have. Hopefully something helps it.

Joni said...

I'm so sorry, how heartbreaking! I don't know how you are going to rest your body with three kids running around, good luck!

Amanda said...

Andrea-in my mind you already ran that marathon- with all that you have had to endure it definitely counts! I'm sorry that you are all banged up! Here's to a speedy recovery!

Todd and Megan said...

Ugh...hope you feel better in time for the marathon!