Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Falling With Style," as everyone's favorite toy-story deputy so perfectly put it

Diaries of a Rookie Marathon Mama:

Often as I'm driving along the road, I see runners out there tearing it up, and feel guilty as I eat my candy or fries and sip my soda in the comfort of my car.

Then I see THE RUNNER, who looks like they're about to DIE - you know what I mean: They look beet-red, beat-up, exhausted, thirsty, & like they're going to fall over with the next step. I secretly smile that I'm happily driving the road instead of running it.

And then I wonder, "Why in the world are they running, if they feel like THAT!? They're crazy. It's not worth it if you don't enjoy it."

Well, lately Ive found myself becoming THAT RUNNER, falling with style on the roadside, unsure if my foot or my face will hit the pavement next.

And I still don't know why people run if they feel like THAT!

So... if you happen to see one of THOSE RUNNERS out there and if it happens to be me... I want a sip of your ice cold beverage and that bag of Skittles in your hand!


Andrea said...

***Oh, and if anyone has tips on how to beat ITBS (iliotibial band syndrome) OR has MUSIC THAT MOTIVATES, please leave your comments!

Krista said...

Come on over - Jane said she is going to make me a german chocolate dessert that is to die for. We can drive around and eat it while looking for "those runners." I will even spring for the route 44s.