Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bella Baby

My baby is TWO!

My Bella...
1) Beautiful - just look at that smiling face! (She smiles on her OWN terms.)

2) Sweet - There's nothing better than a sloppy kiss from your baby.

3) LOVES baby dolls, kitties, doggies, Dora & Zhu Zhu pets.

4) Eats anything, but loves candy, ice cream, and trix yogurt "yogo."

5) Got a "Cozy Coupe" outdoor car for her b-day, and is very possesive of it - don't touch!

6) Loves to color - on everything - pillows, paper, blocks, tables, herself...

7) Has a severe case of baby attitude (don't look at me or talk to me until I'm ready! Oh, and whatever you have is MINE!)

8) Wants to be five already.

9) Loves hand sanitizer "SOAP", and begs for it, walks around with it, dispensing constantly, has ruined our coffee table with it (alcohol doesn't do so well on wood - beware), and she STILL catches every case of the sniffles around!

10) Is my sweetheart, and I love my girl!

Happy Birthday Bella!


Joni said...

Happy Birthday sweetheart! She would get along great with Audrey, they love all the same toys.

Alisa said...

I am such a big fan of spicy 2 year-olds. She is a doll.