Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 3


Kids woke up bright and early at dawn again. We all have dark bags under our eyes. No naps either. We're in a state of hypnotic zombie-ism. (I'm making up words now, I'm no longer coherent.)

Paige taught everyone how to do headstands on the couch (kicking blinds and wall hangings in the process.)

Owen played dress-up with the girls in Jordan's closet, looking spectacular in a pink dress ensemble.

We had a mid-night "accident" all over the blankies (we're used to those, though.)

We all hauled over to the preschool for parent-teacher-conference (that happened last time, too. Mutiny. "Let's see the stressed out mom/babysitter bring in as many kids as she can to preschool PTC! Ha ha! She's manic!")

Kids were yelled at by a lady in Roberts' Craft Store to STOP RUNNING, as they recklessly ran around the entire store playing hide & seek. Yes, I had already told them repeatedly not to run, to stay by me... They obviously don't speak my language.

Capri Sun box number 3 was finished (that's one box a day, with at least half by Paige alone.)

Wardrobe changes occur at least every hour. Clothes are strewn all over the place, not to mention toys, crafty beads that I keep stepping on, playdoh in hidden places, wrappers/trash/litter everywhere... You'd think we were living at the DUMP, seriously.

I no longer know what day it is, what time it is, what planet it is...

We're ordering pizza, sleeping downstairs in front of the TV to mix it up, & having a popcorn party. What the heck - What else could possibly happen?!

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Krista said...

Don't you know, the minute you ask what else could happen, the unthinkable does. You ARE crazy!