Friday, March 5, 2010

Grand Finale

We ended our show with a bang, and I took 7 kids to the Discovery Gateway Childrens Museuem. What the...?! was AWESOME! I think they should open up a daycamp, where you just drop off your children and go shop Gateway. Although doing a headcount on 7 kids is a bit crazy - just as soon as I find 1,2,3,4..and start looking for numbers 5,6,7, I lose 1,2,3... That was nuts.

My Day 4 Final Perspective:

Sonic rocks. $1 slushies, $1 tots.

I really need a good night's sleep.

My kids really need a good 24 hrs sleep.

We had a ton of fun.

It was really REALLY crazy at night.

Chocolate chip pancakes drizzled with Hershey's syrup (Nutella for me) for breakfast is luxury.

Each child made pillowcases with their name on it and "Camp Bengtzen 2010," autographed by everyone and colored with fabric markers.

We didn't have any instacare/ER trips (although we thought about the insane asylum.)

I revere my sister-in-law with 7 kids.

Having cousins the same age to be great friends with is priceless.


Our memories will live on and on......

(Yep, that's Owen & Jordan - classic.)


Jillo said...

I have been reading these posts and laughing my head off. You are the best auntie in the world! I am major impressed you drug everyone to the museum. Were you by yourself???
Hats off to you my friend!!

Katie said...

Wow! I'm breathing a little easier for you. Glad you survived it! I'm sure the kids absolutely loved it! You are amazing! To think, all that was going on next door and I had no idea. No, the sound didn't travel that far.

Kristi said...

Wow! Sounds like quite an adventure! I am glad everyone survived! You are awesome! What fun for the kids!