Monday, March 22, 2010

Diaries of a Rookie Marathon Mama

I have decided to publicize my adventures in training for a marathon for 2 reasons:
#1) If it's written, I'll be motivated to actually DO IT.
#2) This is not easy for me, and if I can have fun blogging about it, it might help me out.

I figure I ain't gettin' any younger, and wouldn't it be pretty damn incredible to check off a marathon as one of my life's accomplishments!?

Now, I am NOT one of those naturally skinny-minnies with a small frame that glides as they run. I inherited large bones with extra padding. I run SLOW. Slow & steady finishes the race, I hope.

I am NOT one who exercises for hours a day just for fun .

I do NOT eat 10 servings of veggies/fruits a day (1, maybe 2??...)

I drink more diet caffeinated soda than water, and more of it if I expect to run that day.

I am NOT a morning person, NOR a night person, and I don't run during either of those times. When given the choice of sleeping or running, I chose sleep (in fact, I choose shopping, eating, sleeping, reading, crafting, pretty much everything...over running - motivation is a problem here.)

I have constant cravings for Cadbury creme eggs, ice cream, Cafe Rio, chocolate fondue, and all that is sweet in the world, and I EAT THEM.

I struggle with scale obsession - when the trend in numbers is going upward, I console my despair with a candy-binge, followed by a guilt-induced run on the treadmill. When the numbers are going down (oh blessed day) I celebrate by making strawberry coconut trifle.

I have 3 kids who think my time is theirs (and they're right, who are we kidding?!)

My hubby is an incredibly busy man, is supportive of my goals, but logistically speaking, he can't do it for me, and he won't be around during the daytime when I've just gotta get gritty and run. So it is UP TO ME.

Get the picture?? This will NOT be easy! Why do people do this? (I'm going to attempt to find out the answer to that.)

Life's lesson #1: It is always up to me AND NOBODY ELSE to carry through on a goal.

So here it is: I have officially signed up, paid my money, and hypothetically committed myself to running a MARATHON in June.


Jane said...

WOW!! You never cease to amaze me, good luck!!

Alison said...

You go girl! I secretly want to be a runner too, but my boobs and gut bounce too much and get in the way. I'm shooting for a way smaller goal of a 5k. I have the same problem with motivation and kids and time. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING! (And yes, you are way skinnier and smaller boned than you think you are) Come work out with me at Lifetime and we can motivate each other. :) (Plus the day care is a fabulous break from the kids)
You can come do the Zumba class with me and burn lots and lots of calories--which for me means I can eat lots and lots of Cadbury Eggs. :)Speaking of, I better get ready for the class and a stop off at the store for more chocolate....

Krista said...

There is no way in the world that I will run with you, but, you let me know when and where and I will be the one cheering the loudest for you!

Crystal said...

Good for you! You are so fun to read. I can't wait for more updates. I however beg to differ on the sinny minnie comment! I was thinking about a 5k. You have inspired me to look into it more. Thanks!

Katie said...

Wow, good luck with that!!! I am just hoping to say I've done a half marathon in my life time.