Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Nighty Night...Sleep Tight...Don't Let The Children Bite...

I swear I have said "Be Quiet!!" five hundred and one times, today alone. Am I speaking a foreign language here? It's like children these days have only one volume - LOUD. I ask them to be quiet, beg them, then eventually yell at them to shut the hell up (I get an F for manners, I know.)

After asking nicely 499 times, they turn right around and yell, shriek, scream, wreak havoc, as though I just finished begging them to play rockstar or something. And it's not during normal play hours, either. It's during nighttime, naptime, bedtime, morning time, driving time... you get the picture.

The psychos didn't fall asleep until 11pm last night, and were up at the crack of dawn. I've insisted they go to bed early tonight (we ALL need a good night of sleep.) But to no avail. Oh I've been kind enough - let them watch movies, eat snacks, paint nails, all the fun stuff sleepovers are made of. Playing nice-mom isn't working here!!

I'm taking applications for a nighttime nanny to put them to bed while Erik & I go sleep at the neighbors or our parents', not returning till, oh say midnight, or better yet, morning.

It's 9pm now, and they're going on like it's a circus. I'm going to pass out on my bed after locking my room door - they can have the rest of the house tonight. If they end up on your porch, don't let them in.


Liz said...

LOL! I'm locking my doors right now! :)

Jori said...

Andrea, you crack me up!! I love reading your posts. Sounds like you definitely have your hands full!! Good luck tonight. I hope they crash for you!