Thursday, January 7, 2010

When Santa Claus FELL ASLEEP on Christmas Eve... 8:45pm, with the kids!
What the??
Yes, I did. Well I had a headache!

Fortunately, I had prepared packages wrapped and named in a certain hidden location that Mr. Claus knew about, and he came through for us! I actually woke up around 11:30pm, dazzed & frantically running downstairs to do all that usually Mrs. Santa Claus does, and was surprised to find it already out, with Mr. Claus asleep on the couch! Stockings were all I had left. Whew! Near disaster.

It doesn't end there.

I had stocked up on batteries of every kind and thought I was prepared for that front. I didn't think to actually try out the toys to make sure they worked first. So of course, Jordan's beloved horse has a short somewhere between the behind where the batteries are and the ear where the "on" button is. Horsey doesn't neigh and nod like it's supposed to. And since I got one of the last on the shelf at Sam's and you can't find them ANYWHERE, I figure we're stuck with it.

Jordan doesn't mind, bless her heart, she's just pleased as can be with her horse. We had to tell her the horse got bumped around in the sleigh. Nice one.

After that, we thought we'd done well, until about 5:00pm on Christmas night (after family had gone home); Mr. Claus and I wondered aloud,
"Where is Aidan's firetruck?
And didn't Bella get a little keyboard?"

Yep, sleeping Santa screwed up again and forgot 2 presents in the trunk of the car!!
What now?

Well, I sheepishly went out to the garage, unwrapped those two gifts (so they wouldn't be associated with Santa) and hauled them inside. I told the kids,
"Well, since you kids have been SO GOOD today, we have one more present for Aidan, and one that Jordan and Bella can share!" (Because, of course, I couldn't give an "extra" gift to just two of the three kids, no way!)

Santa clearly had an off year. In the future, I will not be falling asleep on the job on the most important night of the year!

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