Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rockin 6th Hannah Montana Birthday Bash

Our home was rocked by Hannah Montana once again for Jordan's birthday. Jordan was sooooooooooooo excited for her party, and we had quite a rockin' fab time making personalized GUITARS (thanks to Erik who spent the night before meticulously cutting them out!)

Jordan chose to sit atop her horse Belle to open her gifts. Belle also greeted guests at the door when they came in. (Belle was the hit Christmas present of 2009. We're going to start boarding this horse at an equestrian facility soon, not to mention ordering some hay & oats to feed the thing. It really has taken on it's own life in our home - at least in the eyes of our daughter!)

Yep, another year of childhood has vaporized away (and yet it seems I've been a mother for much longer than just six years!)


Joni said...

Happy birthday! I remember when you first came to our house to meet us, Jordan was just learning to walk, how did she get to be 6 years old already, time flies!

Jane said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! Don't you just love it when you get a toy for them and it is well worth the money? It is so cute how much she loves that thing, I think someday you will have to buy her a real one.

The Loves said...

How fun to have a little girl party! What I would do for a girl. I tried so hard to talk one of my boys into asking for that horse. So cute. I sure miss seeing you all.