Saturday, November 21, 2009

Disneyland Adventure

We've been adventuring in Disneyland for the past week!


- A 1-yr-old baby princess who never gets a nap, throws herself on the dirty ground having a tantrum in nearly every line, chucked her new Minnie Mouse doll off Small World, and is creeped out by anyone with a funny-looking costume head that's bigger than her own;

- A goofy toddler boy who climbs all the railings in the park, loves Woody & Buzz, can't ride on any "big kid/daddy" rides (but we squeaked him onto Soarin' California!), is attached to daddy's leg quite literally (making it extremely difficult for daddy to do anything), and throws a screaming sobbing fit the entire Peter Pan ride because he had to sit with mommy. And he won't look at the camera or stand next to any characters that don't look like dad;

- A darling princess with attitude who was told she could be Belle's little sister by Princess Belle herself (which made her whole trip!) and just meets the height requirement for almost any ride, but had the begeezees scared out of her on Space Mountain and had to ride the Toontown roller coaster by herself, so she won't ride any more roller coasters, absolutely not, no way! And she wants a new toy every 2 minutes.

- FIVE different eating schedules and likes and dislikes (is cotton candy a food group?), food that costs just under a million bucks, and potty breaks every 5 minutes or so-and-so's going to poop his pants (can't everyone just wear diapers please?);

- Three other wonderful families with their own precious little ones to juggle, making it just a tad bit difficult for featured CRAZY family to coordinate schedules with;

- A fully decked-out Disneyland, ready for the Holidays, with Christmas trees, jingle bells, reindeer, and lights galore...

.......An absolutely WONDERFUL MAGICAL vacation!

What an awesome gang of goofy kids! We had some fabulous times with the Workmans, Romrells, & Lakeys! Can't wait to do it again! Here's to an extraordinary vacation!


Jillo said...

I think to truly appreciate Disney Land, you have to come home and remember all the fun you had. When your there it is like a crazy roller coaster that just keeps going!
Sounds like a great trip. And all those kids are too cute in there matching red shirts.

Katie said...

Yea, I'm jealous! It looks like you had a great time! I wish we could have been there with you. Maybe next time! Glad you had so much fun!

Liz said...

I am so sad that we didn't get to spend much time with you guys. What a bummer!!!! I guess we'll have to just go back and do it again :)

Evie said...

I just love YOU BENGTZENS!! I loved getting to know Erik more. I hope we get another chance to go with you guys so we can spend MORE time together!! I love your pictures!

Todd and Megan said...

Your description is hysterical and I am sure every word is true! Hope you enjoyed the happiest place on earth!