Friday, October 16, 2009

She Walks!

I think Bella set a record for
Almost 18 months... and she finally decided to take off, and I'm telling you, it was literally overnight! Instantaneous pro on the walker circuit here. (Whew! I'll admit I was getting nervous there for a month or two!)

We went to walk around Gardner Village and see the "Witches," and the petting zoo with pony ride. Total BLAST!


Anonymous said...

Yay Bella! Jarom was our late walker too. TWENTY months. Yes, that's right, he even was in nursery not walking. Secretly I think he really knew how to walk shortly after he turned one, but thought it was much more fun to crawl everywhere and be carried! :) He was the same with being a "pro" walker as soon as he finally took steps.

Joni said...

Go Bella! It can be so frustrating when our children don't do things when we think they should be doing them, but as soon as they learn, you think, why was I stressing about something like that?

Natalie said...

My daughter is the world's latest talker! She is almost 20 months and still primarily communicates through clapping (her sign for EVERYTHING!) and screaming. But I know from previous experience that once they start talking, they never stop... so no rush here! Did Aidan start preschool this year?

Krista said...

Bring her over! I would love to see her walking in person. Your family is amazingly beautiful!

McKinlay Family said...

Thinking of you today. You are one of my favorite people. I think you are amazing. I hope we are always friends. xoxo Heather