Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fresh Perspective

Today, I have a certain fresh perspective on my life that makes every single mundane or trivial or whiney or ornery or exhausted or pig-sty-messy or sick or crazy or otherwise challenging moment, seem like a true and trivial blessing in my life.

I am an Oprah fan, and, even though I'm not able to sit down and watch it most days of the week (my children usually commandeer the television), I do love, LOVE, when I get a chance to.

Today (and yesterday) I have been able to watch the show (oh blessed day, I say!) Holy toledo, I have never shed more tears over Oprah (well, actually it's not Oprah, it's her guests.)

If you saw the episodes, you know why.

If not, in short summary (so that you too can appreciate the life-altering perspective I have gained):

1) The Nielsen family - You may remember this Utah couple with 4 children was severly burned in a small plane crash last year, and survived, severely disfigured, after a long recovery battle. Wow - the pure LOVE emanating from this couple for each other, their family, and life is astounding. (Go to the NieNie Dialogues here.)

2) A couple murdered this last summer, leaving 9 (NINE!) adopted handicapped children under age eleven, which their 27 yr old daughter and husband have taken responsibility for. Wow. My 3 little kids are nothing compared to THAT.

3) A family with a 7 yr old schizophrenic daughter, who hallucinates, acts violently (toward herself and others) and whose parents have had to completely change and lockdown their lives for the protection of themselves and their daughter.

How do they do it? I really DO NOT KNOW. (All I can say is that I would rely heavily upon my faith in the Lord, and some seriously effective happy pills.) Really though, thank goodness for faith in a higher purpose.

So, how's YOUR day been?


Burts said...

When the Nielsens were talking about how she had a Heavenly messenger appear to her, letting her know that she could stay or go was my undoing! I SOBBED!!! What an inspiration!

Joni said...

Wow, I missed some good stuff. All the sudden my life seems pretty easy!!

Anonymous said...

Andrea! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! Don't feel bad whatsoever about not knowing about my surgery. From the day I got it checked out from the Dr. to going under the knife was a whirlwind fast! I didn't tell too many people about it. I love looking at your blog! :) So cute!

McKinlay Family said...

Perspective is a good thing huh? I need it everyday in my own life.
Thanks for the post. You are inspiring