Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Excellent Eleven

It's been ELEVEN excellent years since Erik and I "walked down the aisle" together, so here are the TOP eleven things I LOVE most about this man of mine:

1) He ADORES our children as much as I do.

2) He plays with them like they're the most important thing in his world.

3) He willingly serves ANYTIME there is a need.

4) He doesn't care if the house is messy.

5) His favorite thing to do on a Saturday (or whenever his SPARE TIME may be) is just be TOGETHER with our little family. (Oh, and order Cafe Rio to go.)

6) He embraces MY FAMILY and our heritage, and loves them like his own.

7) He doesn't seem to mind my quirks.

8) He supports my little (expensive), stamps, crafts, SHOPPING, girls' night outs...

9) He reads his scriptures every day.

10) He says our morning prayer every morning before leaving for work.

11) He is the MOST amazing, wonderful, responsible, handsome, fun, genuine MAN and best friend I could ever have, and I LOVE HIM!


Burts said...

Andrea, congratulations!! I have no doubt that he feels like the lucky one :) Have a great anniversary!

Maryann said...

Wow it seems like alot of us are celebrating our 11 years of being married!YEA!! Congrats on 11 years and having a wonderful husband and father to your children. =)Happy Anniversary!

Joni said...

Congrats, you two are super good together and we miss seeing your cute family outside playing!!

Erik said...

Andrea, thank you very much. To celebrate our anniversary, Andrea is now offering a sale on her flower clips in order to generate revenue for expensive hobbies. She is now offering flower clips at $4.75, 2 for $9.50, or 10 for $47.50. What a deal! Send in those orders.

(Everyone plug your ears for a moment.)

Andrea, there's no doubt I got the better deal in our marriage. You are a very easy person to be married to. I love you so much.

Andrea said...

Honey, you really make me laugh! (I did not authorize Erik's comment, but I will totally live up to the flower sale to fund my "expensive hobbies.")


Janna said...

You guys are so cute and a great example to me!