Sunday, August 9, 2009


Yes, that is a real live one-year-old BABY ALLIGATOR in my hands, trying to take a snap at my one-year-old baby girl.

I was in Louisiana a week ago for my grandfather's funeral (God bless him, he's now relieved of Alzheimers and physical limitations), and we took a day to play down memory lane:

This plantation home is where my very own grandmother was born (Laura Plantation.) There is a tree planted in honor of her on the grounds.

And this is the famous gorgeous Oak Alley Plantation, along the Mississippi River, right near where both my parents grew up amidst sugar cane fields.

I used to take walks and jogs along the levee-top right here next to the giant Mississippi.

"Zams" swamp tours - the most authentic place for a cruise down the bayou, and home to some LARGE swamp animals. We had two tour guides that were so classic, you'd think they were putting on a show - I assure you they were not. One was identical to the "Cajun" guy on Waterboy - complete with mumbling accent. The other was the twin to "Big Dog, the Bounty Hunter," only he pulled stunts like Crocodile Hunter, teasing and holding open the jaws of a HUGE alligator.

Absolutely picturesque swampy bayou.

My Mom with Bella on the swamp boat.

Fried Alligator & Fried Catfish Po-Boys for lunch! (YUM!) (That's my sister Candace with me.)

See ya later, alligator!

After-while, crocodile!


Burts said...

Andrea, I am so sorry again to hear about your grandpa! Your childhood looks amazing, what a dream!!!

Jane said...

It looks like you spent the week on a movie set, it is so beautiful. I recognize the plantation from the photo your dad took that hangs in your house. Thanks for sharing these pictures, they are great!

Krista said...

We need to plan a trip. I would love to see (in person) where you grew up. It looks like an amazing place.

Maryann said...

Wow! What amazing Scenery! Sorry to hear about your Grandpa.=(

Joni said...

So sorry to hear about your grandpa. How nice for you to go back to Louisiana. I bet Bella's eyes were super wide open at that alligator.

Evie said...

I bet you had a wonderful childhood growing up there! Sorry about your grandpa. See you TONIGHT!!

Jillo said...

Gorgeous! Ever think you'll end up there again someday? I love the south, so green and foliage-y.