Wednesday, May 6, 2009

iPod, mePod

My Little Buddy, Aidan, is in the age of pronouns, where "she/her, he/him" are completely interchangeable. When I'm trying to figure out what-the-hay he's trying to say, I forget that speaking English isn't an inherent trait, that he wasn't born with pronouns and grammar plotted in his brain, that kids actually have to learn how to talk!
It sure is entertaining. My favorite pronoun quips of his:

"Dad, get the mePod."
"The what?"
"The MEPOD!"
"Oh, you mean the iPod?"
"No, the MEpod!"

"Bella left she's bear in the car. Her needs she's bear to sleep!"

"Spiderman rides in him's car and he's ATV." (about his toys.)

What the...??? I'm constantly swimming in pronouns. The worst part is that I think it's so cute that sometimes I catch myself saying it like Aidan!

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Jane said...

Ha Ha, I LOVE that he said mepod! He looks so grown up and handsome in that picture!