Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Top 5 Easter Bunny Faux-"Paws"

1. What my kids said: "Hey Mom! Those look just like the eggs YOU filled!"
What I replied: ( thinking...)

2. Kids: "That rubber-duckie-bunny in Bella's basket looks just like the rubber-duckie-bunny she got from the dentist's office!"
Me: "Yeah, I lost it, and the EB must have found it for her! Cool!"

3. Kids: "Hey I have a bunny basket just like that one!"
Me: "Yes, sometimes the EB actually uses easter baskets that you already have so he doesn't have to get a new one."

4. Daddy (Erik): "So how much did you say you got these DVD movies (in their baskets) on sale for??"
Me: A long look back that said, "The Easter Bunny brought those. I can't answer that."

5. Kids: Concerning the afore-mentioned movies: "Hey this movie is the same one you got at the store!"
Me: "No, I took that back."

(Dude - I really need to get my "act" together!)


Krista said...

One of the many reasons that I told my kids last year that there is no Easter Bunny. Now rather than the "faux paws" I just have to endure the disparaging looks from my mother-in-law.

AllieSun said...

We had several close calls this year too. I was thinking that this year is the best because they are both so into it but I really don't know how long this will last.

Liz said...

Not too much longer and they'll have you all figured out! Kids these days...sheesh!

Amber said...

yeah, we had similar problems I'm about to let this bunny story go. love your commentary!

Annie P said...

Love it. That is the same story here for Easter and even Christmas. The kids totally don't believe in the bunny but they kind of pretend.

Joni said...

Your kids are so smart, isn't the whole Easter Bunny thing so silly. Even Spencer was asking lots of questions and was very skeptical. Cute easter outfits, we miss you guys!