Thursday, February 26, 2009

Twinkle, Twinkle Griswold Star

It began as a typical, and good, day (it's all attitude, right?)

-Breakfast (everyone had something different).
-Bath (five kids in one bubblebath.)
-The fiasco of getting into the car...

As if all that wasn't enough, we had to go to Preschool Parent Teacher Conference. Oh Yea. All of us. Well, the kids were...absolutely teriffic! How did they do it? One word: Bribery. I promised them if they behaved I'd take them to The Dollar Store.

At Dollar Tree, the kids happily took off into the wonderful world of cheap. Candy (as if they are sugar-deprived!) and toys galore, everyone chose one of each. In the checkout line, they were swarming all over the tiny cart, jumping, bouncing, climbing. I kept warning them not to hop on the sides of the cart because it could tip over. Did they listen?.....

Sweet little Aidan was the unfortunate one. He hopped on one side as I was putting our purchases up on the belt. I turned just in time to see the cart tipping over to his side, and Bella nearly flung out. I (and the lady behind me) caught that cart and Baby Bella just in time to save them from a huge disaster. I was a little shaken up (and Bells was screaming.) And the candy I bought there wasn't even that good (didn't stop me from eating it all though. I needed some kind of emotional sugar buzz.)

We came home, played with sidewalk chalk and pom-poms, then somewhere between the front door and the back door we crept towards insanity. As Clark Griswold on Christmas Vacation so eloquently stated, "Worse? How can it get any worse?! We're at the threshold of Hell!!"
It was time for a nap.

I declared that No-One could open their eyes, or else... (mom would lose it.) And those kids all shut their eyes and took a 2-hour nap!! I felt like Griswold again, when he FINALLY gets his 10,000 imported twinkle lights to turn on - HALLELUJAH!

Of course, later on...bedtime was totally nuts. Smores, stories, songs, homesickness, musical beds, and finally sleep. Looks like we'll be going back to Sonic today.

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Queen Of The Castle said...

I should actually go on your outings with you. When we actually get our referral we will go from three to five over night. I must be crazy.