Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playgrounds and Puddles

Day 3 of Camp Bengtzen:

After more fashion shows (raiding Jordan's closet of dresses) I decided it was time for an outing to the playground.

Once I announced we were going, it took 5 kids an hour (AN HOUR!!) to get dressed and out the door into the car. Before I buckled them in I asked if anyone needed to go potty because there isn't one at the park. A big round of "NO" greeted my ears. So we all got buckled and I stuck my key in the ignition...

Jordan pipes up from behind me, "Mom, is there a toilet at the playground?" Okay, she must have to go. "No sweetie, do you need to go?" She sweetly states, "No, I mean Yes!" Okay - deep breath (I thought we went through this already.) "Go ahead Jordan."

Immediately a chorus of voices chime in "I need to go potty, me too!!"

I slip. "Oh Hell, are you KIDDING me?!" Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry children, my ability to control the minor cussing isn't happening. "Didn't I just ask you kids if you had to go BEFORE we got in the car, like 5 minutes ago???" If you know how hard it is to buckle 5 preschoolers/toddlers into the car cause they're bouncing around like Tigger and shrieking like they're at Lagoon on Colossus, you understand my pain at having to immediately about-face and UNbuckle them so they can file into the bathroom and do their thing. At this point, I am glad that my 3 year old is still wearing diapers.

So, 15 minutes later we finally roll out, and have a spectacular time at the playground.

One minute after getting home from the excursion, I need to use the lieu myself, so I step a large puddle on the bathroom floor, complete with somebody's little pair of socks and shoes sitting in the middle of the puddle dripping pee. Great, this just makes my day. The culprit was no where to be found. She was secretly changing clothes. I sanitize everything, and dump a large load of kid clothes (complete with 3 "accident" outfits) into the wash, and go face the zoo in the family room who's yapping for their dinner.


Burts said...

I am exhausted just reading this:)

Jane said...

The stories of camp Bentgzen are making me tired. I enjoy reading these, you are too funny. Good luck the rest of the week. I think someone deserves a girls night out after this. Amber's birthday is next week, lets go out!

Janna said...

So funny...yet not! You are a brave woman! Good luck and you can send some over my way, if needed.
Or maybe I should come there so that you don't have to put them in the car. Let me know if you need to run an errand (by yourself) and I can run over.

AllieSun said...

I still can't get over Owen. He looks like mini Greg in a dress. You are a very good SIL. Jon and I would love to go on long vacation but don't know what we would ever do with our kids.

Katie said...

How do you keep up with all those kids? At least you get to give two back in a few days. I'm afraid that in your shoes I would have let a few more cuss words slip, especially on as little sleep as I know you are getting.