Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Aidan!

My sweet little boy celebrated his 3rd birthday this weekend by having his very first "birthday party." Ohmygosh, it was the CUTEST thing in the world - Aidan is shy by nature, and he had the sweetest little grin plastered on his face as the birthday guests came over.

The few adorable little kids that came were just the funniest thing to watch!

Little Megan who wandered around the house, and would excitedly run around, usually in the opposite direction of what we were doing, smiling all the while.

Little Alison who showed up all dolled up in a precious party dress, also wandered around until she found some princesses to hold during the party, and had the most fun bouncing balloons around.

Cousins Paige and Owen, who dashed right in and asserted their dominance over the party scene, showing Aidan how to play his games, "pin the hat on the monkey" and "bingo", and how to open his presents. I don't think Aidan actually opened one himself! He sat in his Spiderman chair and let the crew clobber and claw and rip up the gift-wrap. He didn't mind - he was just happy to be there and happy to see what was opened!

We had an awesome time! I don't think there is anything sweeter and cuter in this world than watching a little kid have a little birthday party, and the huge smile that comes with it!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! We are glad you had a fun party.

Janna said...

You are such a cute momma, with such an adorable family!

Queen Of The Castle said...

Love the Bat Cave. Ben got that for Christmas and it has provided hours of fun. Cute kids - fun party.

Krista said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Happy Birthday Aiden!