Monday, January 12, 2009

My Very Own Vampire

Eat your heart out Edward, I now have my very own vampire romance novel, starring my hunky husband Erik as vamp and yours truly, ME as heroine.

Erik hands down won "best gift of the year" with this one. He apparently understands my obsession with my beloved Twilight Saga more than I thought! (Maybe "understands" is not the right word - perhaps "accepts" would be better.)

"'Vampire Kisses,' Starring Andrea & Erik," even features Cafe Rio, my cat Midsy, and my fellow Twilight-crazed friend Krista (who probably thinks I've now gone off the deep end for having a vampire romance novel with her name in it! Well who else would I confide my secret vamp-love with?)

Erik totally scored points for ingenuity, effort, and meaningfulness. Gotta love him for trying to satiate and share in my Twilight addiction!


Jill O said...

Okay, your honey does indeed win husband of the year! What a great idea. Is the story any good?

stacey said...

I found your blog through Alison's you have a beautiful family! Love the book that is great I will have to tell my hubby about this!

Stacey Adams Jacobsen

Andrea said...

I must say, my book is not quite Twilight (NOTHING could ever match up to that, though.) But it is awesome, and will be on my shelf with my Twilight series.

KRISTA said...

You know that I would never call you crazy for your (shared) Twilight addiction. I am honored to be in a vampire novel with you. I am jealous of Erik's thoughtfulness. You know my issues with Dave's presents (or lack of them.)

KRISTA said...

P.S. What is with the Bon Jovi on your playlist!?