Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan - 5!!

My princess had her 5th birthday yesterday. Holy crow, FIVE! She's growing up so fast, and yet I can't remember life without her. Seriously, what did I do before I had kids? I think that was another life or I've died and gone to heaven. Life never was sweeter than it is now that I have 3 amazing children.

Anyway, here's her party crew:
(Yes, there's a lucky little boy in there with all the princesses - that's twin-cousin Owen.)

And here are the 5 most-memorable parts of Jordan's 5th birthday:

1)She woke up giggly and wanted to decorate the whole house for her Barbie Diamond Castle Party (she was standing on the dining room table almost hanging on the dining light fixture trying to put streamers on it, then spent an hour cutting crepe paper off the ends of the streamers from the fan.)

2)She played "pin the crown on the princess" twice, at school and home (both times she thought she deserved to win because she was the birthday girl, and was upset that she didn't. Five-year-old attitude already.)

3)She got home from school and asked "Where are my friends? Maybe their presents are taking too long to get." (Her party didn't start for another half hour and she was bouncing off the walls. Are presents all she can think about?)

4) When her friends tried to help her unwrap her gifts, she laid her body over them and screamed "Nobody can unwrap MY presents but ME!" (Great, we got that little tantrum on video. Where did she learn this behavior? Dang five-year-old attitude!)

5) She was practically nodding off to sleep while playing last night, but when asked if she was tired she emphatically stated "NO!" She brought half her toys to bed.

It was a great birthday, made tender by her last comment to me, "Mom, I loved my birthday party!" Aaaawwww... Made me so proud that she'd had a teriffic day - after all, this is what memories are made for.


Jane said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!! Can you believe our girls will be in kindergarten? Tell her Julia says Happy Birthday too.

Evie said...

Natalie is still talking about how much fun she had! Happy Birthday Jordan!!! XOXO'S

KRISTA said...

Happy Birthday Jordan! Just wait, I think 5 1/2 attitude is even more developed than 5. Riliejenna also wish Jordan Happy Birthday.

Katie said...

Holly had a blast. Yesterday, she was telling Grace Powley how one of her friends was 5 already. It was pretty cute. Still don't know what I am going to do for her party. Ugh!