Monday, November 3, 2008

Wicked Witch

Well, Jordan fell asleep late in the afternoon on Halloween, and we had to wake her up to go trick-or-treating. Now, this girl takes after her mommy - she does not wake up well. I am not a morning person, nor do I like to be awakened from my precious sleep (what little I get.) It takes me about half an hour and an indefinite dose of diet coke to wake up.

So, Jordan was wicked as a witch (which was what she dressed up as, coincidentally) when she woke up. She refused to go out trick-or-treating, so daddy took out little Aidan by himself. Half an hour went by, and Jordan (of course) changed her mind and started throwing the opposite fit of "Take me out, NOW mamma!"

Well, I took her trick-or-treating, while Erik was out with Aidan, and my dad (who came over to see the kids in their costumes) was left with sleeping Bella and a bucket of candy to pass out in my stead! My gracious dad was exhausted, a little traumatized by seeing his granddaughter throw a spooky fit, and he bailed out for home before I even returned!

Sweet Wicked Witch

Jordan & bff Holly

Batman & Rocker Dad

Cute Kitty Bella

Momma Cat & Her Kitten

A Wonderful Grandpa

Actually, it really was a fun night, and we all had a smashing good time after all was said and done!


Jenny said...

Very cute!! Love the momma cat and her kitten Idea.

Evie said...

Sounds like your Halloween was spooky and a little scary, as it should be! Your kidlets are soooo cute!!!

The Snow's said...

I'm glad she finally woke up enough to want to go out. It would have been bad if she had missed in all together and then wanted to go. Your kids looked so cute. I need to get a copy of the picture of Jordan and Holly.

Jane said...

Everyone looks darling.