Monday, November 17, 2008


My Little Food Amateur:

"I love my mush!"

Mommy Brain has got to me - I keep forgetting to feed the baby "real" food! (Obviously she's not starving though - she drinks pure cream!) She is really liking this baby-food eat-with-a-spoon thing. She practically devours the spoon (I have to keep 2 or 3 spoons going to keep up with her!) And I'm thinking clothes are rather pointless while she's flipping mush all over. Straight to the tub, Bumbo chair and all!


Liz said...

We love your mush-eater too!

Evie said...

Bella and I have a lot in common I can tell already... I look just like that after I eat, and I would LOVE it if there was 3 spoons feeding my face at once...where can I get a Bumbo chair in plus size???

KRISTA said...

Like she wasn't the cutest baby ever, and then you take these pictures! What a doll. I miss you! Who are you going with tonight?