Monday, September 15, 2008

Wheeler Farm

Jordan's preschool class went to Wheeler Farm today. Some highlights:

Let's just hope horsey doesn't sneeze.

Jordan, cousin Owen, & Aidan filling ziploc bags with stream water (so easily entertained.)


Six cute classmates.

Can't tell they're cousins, can ya?

"What's that smell mom?"
"They're hosing down the pig cage, sweetie. At least you're safe in the stroller."

Perfect 4yr-old class field trip!


Liz said...

I love Wheeler Farm! What darling pictures. Your kids are so beautiful.

Burts said...

so cute!

Jill O said...

Looks like a great day. Perfect time of year for Wheeler Farm. I love it there.

The Snow's said...

How fun! You are a great picture taker! I need to be better at getting up close.

KRISTA said...

I love that Jordan is a girl after my own heart (or stomach.) I think I might be persuaded to do most things for a "really yummy" chocolate donut. Good for her, kicking the ball. The pics at Wheeler Farm are great. Such simple things make kids happy. So, go to and just search Stephenie Meyer. There is a great christmas story she wrote and there is an article about famous lds people. The story made me cry.

KRISTA said...

... I forgot, when you get time you need to check out They were one of my favorite vinyl/wood/project booths at swiss days. Such cute stuff. Right now I can hear Eric saying, "Thank you so much, Krista."