Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soccer Redemption

One really yummy chocolate donut and a lot of pep-talk worked wonders for our little girl's soccer morale!! I've never been so proud of her as when she was chasing the ball all over, huge grin lighting up her face, even kicking it once in a great while (corner kicks are great for uncoordinated novice soccer stars!) Yay Jordan! (Now I just need to remember my camera amidst all the gear and diaper stuff I haul out to the field!)


The Snow's said...

Yeah! Go Jordan! Bribery is a great tool in parenting. I got Ally to wear pants the other day by telling her we could go to McDonalds if she did. Yeah, we were planning on going for play group anyway but she didn't know that!

Jane said...

I stopped reading at chocolate donut, was it a dunford? Heaven! Please do remember your camera next time so we can see some of the action.