Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Screamer

So, we've got 5 kids under age 5 at my house for a week, because I'm taking care of my niece & nephew while their parents are in Hawaii for their 20th anniversary (they have 7 kids, so they deserve it!) I love them like family. But it's crazy times 5:

Yesterday while I was folding laundry, the kids proceeded to unload Jordan's bed (minus the mattress) over the banister to the entryway. Nice.

When I took Baby Bella to the doctor because she was feverishly sick, 3 kids flipped out because "THE MOM" was gone. They cried the entire time (poor grandma and Erik.)

Most of you know how siblings always want to play with the same toy at the same moment, well try that with 4 preschool kids all day long. Yea, a lot of toys have gone on "timeout" for awhile (I make a crack-up show of lightly spanking the toy, saying "bad toy!" and putting it in an out of reach/sight location.)

Ahhhh, but the best is at night. Kids jumping on the bed, running wild in the hall, refusing to go to sleep. We finally get them into different rooms and settled down (Erik's been inventing some crazy elf stories), and I take my niece to bed with me. Erik sleeps on the couch. There's a reason - Here's the drill:
About every hour, this little girl bolts up in bed and wildly looks for me ("THE MOM"). I pat her head and say "Go back to sleep, I'm here."
BUT - if I'm not there....... Holy Crap! She shrieks and screams and you'd think she'd been stung by a hive of bees or something! So every time I get up to feed Bella, change a diaper, go to the bathroom, or go downstairs with the other kids, inevitably we hear "The Screamer." The first time she did it, we thought she'd fallen out of the bed, with all the crashing and thundering of feet and shrieking coming from upstairs! Now, I just look up and calmly say, "She's awaaaake." (Like the Poltergeist girl that says "They're baaaack.")

Now, if I hear anyone fight over "chapstick" or "bubblegum" one more time, I'm chucking it out the window!


Burts said...

AW you are a saint. What a great sister in law you are!

Jane said...

I guess two year old twins are a piece of cake =) Those are some lucky kids to have you and your never ending kindness and patience. Looks like fun!

Liz said...

Oh, Andrea - I feel so bad for you. Please let me know what I can do to help! (By the way, this sister-in-law now owes you a trip to Hawaii too - hint, hint)

Janna said...

You are VERY brave!!

KRISTA said...

You took time away from all of that to make me feel better!? What a peach you are. You are one of the exceptional few I would trust my kids with for a week. Now take a diet coke (or wonderfully refreshing lime freeze)break.

McKinlay Family said...

I had my kids and my sisters 5 kids in our house this summer and she had a screamer, but I had Davis. It was chaos, but it is family, and I wouldn't have it any other way. But you are a tad crazy. But that is why you have so many admirers.